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It’s dark inside the cocoon

But her eyes have adjusted

She has waited a lifetime

For this metamorphosis.

She is excited.

What a sense of possibility!

Can’t wait to try out her

Beautiful new wings

For the first time.

She imagines what it will feel like

To soar through the air…

Feeling the power

Using her sense of direction

And instincts to guide her.

She is exhausted.

As much as she has worked

In her former state,

She had no idea

How exhausting this

State of becoming would be!

Facing the past and

Sorting through the rubble,

She keeps the good

And thanks God for the

Experiences and lessons learned.

She knows that the past does not

Dictate the future,

And her faith in God and

Personal testimony assure her

That whatever lay ahead

God is with her, 

No matter where

Her new wings carry her.

She faces her fear.

Sometimes her doubts arise…

“What are you doing girl?

You are not a butterfly, but a caterpillar.

So come on back here and squirm

Around with the rest of us!”

What if your wings don’t work?

What if you fall?

What if they turn out not to be

As beautiful as you expected?

Recalling the amazing stories of

The giants that came before her,

She claims their stories as her

Future possibility.

She smiles as she

Gets back to work

Calling those things that be not into being

Through God’s grace, 

Using her innate power

And determination.


© May 2009