What is the Just Do You Institute for Women’s Empowerment?

This is a project of Trina Ramsey, Career & Life Strategist and founder of MyCoachTrina.com. This is a place for women who are in their Fierce 40s, Fabulous 50s and Sensational 60s – who have “been there and done that” and are ready to create significant change in their lives. We are launching a brand new adventure in 2016 and I hope you choose to join us!

We are building a community (virtually and otherwise) for women to come together, grow together, and embrace new beginnings… especially if you:

  • Feel stuck
  • Are ready to explore a new career or business venture, or some other big decision
  • Have lost track of what’s important to you while pursuing other priorities
  • Have lost the zest for life and are looking to enjoy life again

Questions? Contact Trina at trina@mycoachtrina.com  

or 202-384-0797

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