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Trina Ramsey

Executive Coach. Author. Inspirer

Live on your own terms. Own Your Power. Just DO YOU!

Hi, I’m Trina. Welcome to my space! I am an executive and career coach, author, speaker and nonprofit consultant. I support women leaders in living their best lives, coloring outside the lines to live joyous, purpose-filled lives. If this is you, let’s talk!

Start your what’s next!

In today’s fast-paced world, finding a balance between work and our personal lives can often feel unattainable. Many of us struggle to maintain a healthy work-life balance, leading to burnout, stress, and a decline in mental and physical health. At the same time, life offers many amazing opportunities to grow and chart our own destinies! That’s why I launched my new program: SWEET FREEDOM. 

As your executive coach, I believe that finding balance is key to achieving long-term success and happiness. I am someone who often takes the “road less traveled,” and it has been the key to a wonderful journey with many successes, career transitions, and a lifetime of solid relationships. Life is meant to be lived with gusto! And it’s important for us to stay connected to our big dreams, goals, and aspirations. Working with me, you will create strategies to chart your new future. I work with individuals and groups for coaching and training. I provide consulting and coaching to nonprofit leaders. I am available to speak at conferences, women’s retreats and corporate groups on owning your worth, work/life balance, creating your “what’s next” and creating the life you deserve.