As I was writing this New Year message, I restarted it two or three different times. Why was I having so much trouble? To be honest, there is PLENTY of advice and theories about starting the year off right. I’m sure you’ve read it all. And I’m sure you’ve already decided how you’re going to approach 2018.

As I talk to friends and clients, I find that people have a variety of approaches to the new year. On one extreme are the resolutions boycotters – people who have been there and done that with resolutions and are frankly OVER IT. They may set some goals but don’t get too carried away with it.

On the other end of the spectrum are the overachievers. They don’t just set one resolution, they set 10. They are adrenaline junkies. Their motto is, “Can’t stop won’t stop!” and they are exhausted already thinking about the huge declarations they’ve made for themselves. But many of them will achieve them. Some will beat themselves up having stacked the deck against themselves.

I’m not judging any of it – because I have done it all. And my recent season is a blend of “adrenaline junkie” and “let it unfold”. I’m still working on the adrenaline junkie part…

This year, in keeping with my mantra of “Just Do You”, my message to you is this:



You already have the answers. Trust yourself.

Prayerfully consider what would be good for YOU. Not your image. Not what the infamous “they” expect of you (Superwoman, I’m talking to you!)

Listen to your heart. Find the courage to follow your instincts. This requires pushing past your own limiting beliefs, challenging the roles that you have inherited over time, and being bold and courageous. This requires deciding to stop doing something that no longer serves you, or firing people from your life if they are causing you mental, emotional or physical pain. This may mean leaving a job or starting a business. Or it may simply mean incorporating healing practices like prayer, meditation, yoga or a daily walk into your routine.

Make a choice. And then ACT. This part is crucial. We sometimes get stuck in “getting ready to get ready” mode. We buy fancy planners and subscribe to complex plans. We overwhelm ourselves before we even start! But what you can do is simply TAKE ONE STEP. And then take the next. And so on…

Whether 2018 is a year where you are moving mountains or simply taking better care of yourself by simplifying your life and creating more ease and joy… whether you are embarking on new adventures or vowing to connect more with your loved ones… no matter what:

Trust yourself. And then move. Take one teeny step to have 2018 be all that you want and more.

My prayer for you: love, light, peace, joy and prosperity.

2018 – let’s do this!

Many blessings to you and yours.

Your girl Trina



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