Well, here I am 9 days prior to my book launch. Woo hoo! It’s Sunday morning and I’m chilling at my girlfriend’s pool. This is following a busy, but stressful 30-day period of hyperactivity. I have the added gift of literally having the pool all to myself this morning which was quite a treat. Especially in the Hazy Days of Summer when kids get to the pool as often as they possibly can.

As I enjoyed the pool I started reflecting on a few things about this weekend. I’m here in New Jersey because my cousin got married yesterday. And in true Trina form, I decided that I just had to be there even though there were some circumstances that were lining up against me. And I’m so grateful that I did. Being there with family and seeing the pure joy and love expressed as she and her new husband exchanged vows and relished in the love and attention pouring out towards them was priceless. I had another bonus which was I got to hang out with my sister and her hubby – two of my favorite people in the world. As I “swam” (not really a swimmer – I only get in 5’ or less!) and floated around), I recognized that a few of the lessons in my book showed up for me.

Lesson #14: Trust God, even when things look bleak. I decided to move forward even when I wasn’t sure how it would turn out. And God worked out all the kinks – including providing extra finances and allowing me to stay at my girlfriend’s home instead of a hotel.

My determination was because of love for family, and honestly, I am an extreme extrovert and I love a good party! I love connecting with being with and enjoying the people in my life. Which is another lesson in my book. Lesson #39: Embrace the people in your life. My cousin told me several times how touched she was that we made the trip to celebrate with them. Life is lived through the special moments we share with those we love.

The final lesson was about me time. Lesson #50: Me time is essential to a happy and balanced life. When I got to the pool and saw that I was only one here, I was overjoyed to know that I could get a dip in the pool by myself. While I was in the water getting in some much-needed exercise, it was then that I realized just how needed this gift of me time was after such a prolonged period of hyper-activity (and more to come!) So I decided to write this blog.

Before I sign off, my dear friend, I want to share with you a couple of things.

  • Take the time to be with the people in your life. They love you and your presence is such a gift and a blessing… not just for them but for you as well. We are meant to be in connection and in communion with one another. So be sure not to let the moments slip by without the opportunity to enjoy time with your family and friends.


  • Also, take the time to enjoy solitude. “Me time” helps you tune in. It helps you to relax and combat some of the stress that is coming your way. Prayer and meditation are invaluable in helping to reclaim peace and serenity and for seeking God in tough times to support you and getting over the difficulties that you are facing. Sometimes we’re so busy focused on the situation, or talking and worrying about it that we don’t tune in and focus on what the Lord is trying to tell us.

To learn more about my book (and order a copy or 2!) Visit https://justdoyouinstitute.com/trinas-new-book/And with that, my friend –  I’m signing off for now. May God bless keep and prosper you until we talk again.

Much love.  Your girl, Trina

© Trina Ramsey 2017