Woke up with this on my heart. So many of us are plodding along from day to day and have lost our connection to joy, love, and serenity. We think that we have an abundance of tomorrows when TODAY is truly all we are guaranteed. So make the most of it!

DON’T WAIT! Do it while you have your health and vitality.

Have that conversation to mend fences with a friend or family member. They miss you as much as you miss them.

Leave that job that is sucking the life from you. There are other jobs! There are other careers!

Embrace love. Who have you had your eye on but afraid of making the first move? Or have you let your current relationship grow stale? You deserve all the love and happiness your heart can hold.

Be yourself. That mask that you think is protecting you is actually keeping you from being seen, heard and appreciated for your true self. You are already enough. Your uniqueness is part of your strength.

On a personal note: Someone I care about was suddenly stricken with a very serious illness. She has lived a life of love, contribution, and adventure. I admire her so much! While I haven’t seen her in years, she is one of the people who I carry as a constant role model. She has already left this planet much brighter and better than when she arrived. Job well done.

With that – I reiterate – LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH. SOAR! Be the change you wish to see in the world. We’re waiting for you.

Much love.

© Trina Ramsey 2017